Things to Consider When Re-Roofing Your Home

Nowadays, on average, the cost of replacing a roof runs around $6,500 up to $16,000. That’s why you have to ensure that you select a Kamloops roofing company BC that will do the job right since it is an expensive investment.

Re-roofing the house isn’t the most desirable home improvement projects. The roof isn’t really something you would invite your friends over to appreciate, unlike your bathroom, kitchen, or deck. However, re-roofing does offer several enticing possibilities for a homeowner who likes to lower unnecessary costs and maintenance for years to come.

Here are several things you have to consider before you re-roof your house:

Install Eave Flashings to Prevent Formation of Ice Dams

The eave flashings on your roof are considered as the unrecognized heroes. For those who don’t know, an eave flashing is a thin weather-proofing material that stops moisture from getting to the shingles, together with the underlayment of your roof. In addition to that, this material also stops the formation of ice dams.

Think About Installing an Airtight Chimney Cap

While chimney caps are pretty costly, they are sometimes ignored. For those who don’t know, a chimney cap lowers the consumption of energy in your house. It keeps rain, sleet, or snow from getting into your house and stops heat from escaping. In addition to that, it stops creatures such as rats, mice, birds, squirrels, and raccoons from accessing your house.

Consider Installing Low Maintenance Gutters

Your new roof will likely not work well with unsightly and misaligned gutters. That is why you should always hire a roofing company that offers seamless and preferably, low-maintenance gutters. Since they are vulnerable to water damage, you should select gutters that aren’t held in place by eaves or gable overhangs.

Pick Energy Efficiency over Style

Since your A/C unit doesn’t have to work very hard to cool your house, a roof that is energy-efficient can help in lowering your energy bills. Normally, a cool roof is made of materials that don’t absorb the heat of the sun easily. Aside from keeping the interior of your house comfortable, this also lowers the maintenance expenses of your roof. Though these types of roofs were mostly made of bright colors in the past, there are now dark hues available in the market.

Ask About the Ventilation of Your New Roof

The longevity of your roof is greatly influenced by proper ventilation. Improving the ventilation of your roof helps control the temperature of the attic during the summer. Also, it lowers the accumulation of moisture in the winter. You should ask the roofing company whether they’ll include such aspects as ridge and gable vents.

Check the Condition of your Roof Frame

It is highly suggested that you check the supporting plywood of your roof. You have to replace it immediately if you notice any parts where the sheathing is broken or soft. Also, it is suggested to get rid of your old layer of roofing and check it before you start the installation of the new roof.